If you have loved ones that are getting older, you may be wondering in what ways you can take care of them while helping them to maintain a level of independence. If they are still able to live in their homes, it is a good idea from time to time to look for any potential safety hazards that could affect someone with limited mobility. Here are a few of the high-risk areas:

Perhaps the first room that comes to your mind is the bathroom. This room has a huge potential for injury resulting from slips and falls, so check that there are sufficient anti-slip mats and grab bars both inside and outside of the tub or shower.

In houses with more than one floor, staircases are another potential hazard. Have handrails fitted to both sides of the stairs if possible, and inspect the stairs regularly for loose carpeting or wobbling banisters, etc. The area on and around the staircase should also have good lighting so that each step is clearly visible.

With so many electrical appliances used in the home, attention should be given to corded appliances, particularly ones with cords that stretch across the floor as these could be a tripping hazard. To reduce this risk, arrange the room so that any electrical appliance is near an outlet. You should also make sure that there are no electrical cords underneath rugs, which would present the risk of fire.

These are just some of the areas to look at that could put your aging loved one at risk in their own home.

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