The word mold can make many people cringe. Mold is a problem because it can spread easily and can’t always be completely eradicated. Is there anything good you can do if you’re concerned about this mold in your home? The best approach is to prevent mold before it becomes a problem. Mold prevention is simple, the key is moisture control.

There are several ways to curb moisture indoors and the mold that thrives on it:

  1. Dry any wet areas immediately. Mold can’t grow without moisture so tackle wet areas right away. Don’t leave wet items lying around the house and make sure to dry the floor and walls after a shower. Don’t leave wet clothes in the washing machine where mold can spread quickly.
  2. Identify problem areas around the house and correct them. Does the basement flood? Do you notice frequent condensation on the windows upstairs? Is there a water stain on the ceiling with grandma persistently? Whatever the case fix the problem immediately. 
  3. Monitor your humidity indoors. The recommendation is to keep indoor humidity between 30 and 60%. You can measure humidity with a moisture meter purchase from your local hardware store. Signs of excessive humidity would include condensation on windows pipes and walls.
  4. Proper ventilation is important to prevent moisture. Simple activities like cooking dinner, taking a shower, or doing a load of laundry, could invite mold. Vent appliances that produce moisture. If possible open a window when cooking or washing dishes or showering or run an exhaust fan.

Finally, educate yourself on the climate in the region that you live in. There is no one solution when it comes to mold prevention. Knowing what works for your home and for the climate you live in is an important first step.

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