The monthly utility bill is the second-largest expense after the mortgage for many homeowners. With that being said, who isn’t looking for ways to lower this monthly expense.

Here are a few tips to help keep that budget low and also help the environment.

There are two ways that you can cut your electricity use in the home.  One way is energy conservation and the other is energy efficiency. You can save a lot of energy by simply turning off and unplugging appliances and electronics when they are not being used.

A couple of other things that can be done to save are using dimmer switches. This is a great way to reduce your electric bill. A simple switch from using the dryer to line drying is another way to save money. It’s also better for the environment.

Air conditioner units consume a lot of energy. Installing and using ceiling fans will help circulate air through the house and also do the job of the air conditioner. In addition to installing ceiling fans throughout the house, getting an attic ceiling fan will help the top floor of your home remain cooler in the summer.

It’s also wise to get annual HVAC maintenance. When your HVAC is operating efficiently it doesn’t have to work so hard thereby saving electricity.

Use the simple tips to help monitor and lower your energy bill.

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