Mold can form in any room of your home. The living room is no exception. Meals in front of the TV and even the household plants you use to keep the air fresh. Mold growth is heightened with every element that you add to your home.

Couch and curtain -. Upholstery and fabric collect mold spores. If your couch or other cloth-covered furniture or curtain becomes moist you may notice a foul musty smell. This should alert you to mold. 

Indoor plants – Greenery in your home is good for air purification, however, if it’s not monitored it can also cause mold to grow. Make sure that your home is at an optimal humidity level and you don’t overwater your plants. This can prevent mold from growing.

Fireplace and chimney – Fireplaces and chimneys are cool, damp, and dark, when not in use. This will make them magnets to mold spores. The mold can spread quickly over brick which is what most fireplaces are made of.

Here are some tips for many more from growing in your living room:

  1. Always use a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low in your home.
  2. Ensure that fabric couches and curtains stay clean and dry.
  3. Have your chimney and fireplace cleaned by a professional.
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